Who we are

Locomotive Furniture is a furniture design and manufacturing consultancy, that curates the best designers, top notch manufacturing facilities and extensive operational skills, to enable businesses worldwide, to create a bespoke furniture collection, produced and delivered with the utmost care and attention.


At Locomotive Furniture, we work with an experienced team of gifted designers, who not only guarantee you innovative and tailored designs, but also designs that are perfected for optimal day-to-day use. High-end rendering will ensure you to have an excellent understanding of the end-product throughout the entire design process. Innovative materials or innovative ways to work with existing materials are always top-of-mind, while respecting traditional craftsmanship. These ingredients put together will deliver you unique designs that can stand the test of time.


Locomotive Furniture offers a broad range of bespoke manufacturing services, with MOQ’s in line with market practice. Our manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia offer you the most experienced and skilled craftsman in the industry. In all facilities we have our own representative(s) stationed to perform independent QC inspections and to ensure a smooth manufacturing process. At our manufacturing facilities we only work with materials of the highest quality, with a clear focus on responsible and sustainable production.
Locomotive Furniture is able to manufacture design of many scales and scope. We are expert at problem solving, offering you the capability to create truly unique furniture collections.


Locomotive Furniture provides you with dedicated support in all operational matters every step of the way, in all timezones. Next to a committed operations team, we offer you an integrated ERP system that can connect through an API. This will enable you to share data directly with us, for instance to send orders directly into our system. On top of that, in all our manufacturing facilities we have our own representative stationed, which allows us to perform independent QC inspections and pro-actively handle any challenges that may occur. And of course, throughout the production process you will receive progress reports to keep you up to date on the status of your order.
Regarding logistics, we use the standard incoterms EXW or FOB. We maintain excellent relationships with some of the biggest freight forwarders in the world. So, if you require assistance on shipping, documentation or customs activities, our operations team can advice you in these matters and set you up with contacts if need be.

If you’re interested in working with Locomotive Furniture, please contact us. We are looking forward to learn about you, your company, your furniture desires and help to realize them.